The end of an era?

Nap time… it was the time when I had at least an hour and a half to myself… to get done what needed to be done here at home without interruptions from the kids. Notice the “was”?


It seems that one little 4 year old has decided that, although he is sleepy and starts to fall asleep when he closes his eyes, he no longer wants to nap. *Sigh*

For 5 days we fought the nap time battle… and for 5 days he won. Abby would be sleeping peacefully in her bed and he would just be tossing and turning. I tried laying down with him, thinking maybe he would sleep if he knew that I was next to him… no such luck. So he won… I had bags to sew and a house to keep cleanish, and a battle over sleep just didn’t seem worth it.

The problem is that he definitely still needs his naps… the crabby factor was pushed up a notch (for both of us) on the non-napping days and there were a few nights where he had night terrors. So I kept trying… and yesterday, after not having had a nap since last Friday, Noah slept… and all was right again!

I’m hoping for another successful nap time today… we were outside playing and getting some fresh air (with the hopes that two little ones will fall asleep faster after lunch)… little legs were running up and down hills, peddling their bicycles and tricycles in circles, and taking little bodies all over the yard to find the treasures that fall winds leave on the ground. We’re enjoying the warmer weather for one last day before the chilly air and rains greet us again.


I’m seriously hoping that the past few days were just a phase… I’m not ready for non-napping kids yet!!

4 thoughts on “The end of an era?”

  1. Oh man! I hope not for your sake. Seems like my daughter and step-daughters stopped taking naps about that age. Wonder if you could still get him do an hour quiet time, just laying on his bed or a nap mat reading, or something?

    1. I was lucky and he napped the past two days… and promised to do so again today too. I’m so not ready for him to give them up. If it were up to me, he’ll still be taking them next year after he gets home from kindergarten. 😉

  2. My daughter gave hers up several months ago, not long after her third birthday. We went through a ROUGH month or so, but now are in the routine where she reads/rests quietly in her room for an hour so that her brother (11mo) at least has a chance to nap. But MAN do I miss those long naps of the early days!

    1. Oh I feel for you! Noah seems to be on again off again with his naps depending on the day. It’s great that she will still be quiet and rest though! I can’t get Noah to do that… he’s too afraid he’ll fall asleep! =)

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