To document life or to live it

As I sit here waiting for Noah and Abby to fall asleep so that I can start sewing, I decided to look through some old posts. I have to admit, that the past two years are a bit of a blur to me, so it was nice be able to go back and see that I actually did write/post more often than I remember… in 2012 at least, because I was less than successful at writing in 2013.

I’m not sure what the cause was, but I think at one point I had just hit a wall… call it writers block, blogging burnout, or just plain wanting to actively take part in my children’s lives instead of just documenting them, something (besides the first trimester sleepies) happened last year. In looking back, I think that  I really needed that time off… to breathe… to refocus… to grow.

Noah and Me

As I was skimming the posts from 2012, I realized that things that I could have sworn happened last year, happened the year before. It’s almost like last year didn’t exist as far as this blog is concerned… and really, in many ways, I guess it didn’t.


But, I’m getting off track… as I was looking through those posts, and seeing the photos from years past, I realized that I need to continue doing just that… documenting… writing… taking little snapshots of our everyday lives, not just snapshots in my mind, but physical ones as well.

I love looking through the pictures and seeing just how much the kids have changed… how much Abby has changed. I can hardly believe that she is going to be 4 in just a few short weeks!! She’s my baby girl and she’s already turning 4. 

After Michael was born, I didn’t want to live my life behind the lens of a camera, so I took a few pictures here and there… most of them are grainy photos taken from my phone or tablet… I was focusing more on actually living the moment, rather than photographing and documenting it. Unless we win the lotto, he’s our last child and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss a moment of it. In doing so, I feel like I’ve captured the moments mentally, but that’s not something that I can give him to look at and read about when he’s old enough to do so. That bothered me and is something that I need to change. 

Michael 4 months

And so, I need to find a happy medium… I need to learn to document enough, but not so much that I’m lost in laptop/blogging land. I don’t need to be taking photos of them daily, like I did when Noah was young (can we say new mom!!!), but I would like to be taking real (not phone or tablet) photos of them at least on a weekly basis going forward.

That is enough rambling for today… all is quiet upstairs and it’s time for me to finish sewing this new product. I’d love to hear from you… what do you use most often to photograph your children?

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