Taste of Summer

Summer vacation is nearly here for all the littles in the house. Abby had her last day of preschool 2 weeks ago. I must admit that it was a little bittersweet. We’ve had at least one little going to that school for the past four years… and now there will be a 2 year gap – and only one of the teachers that our kids had will be there when we return. While it will be odd not having anyone to bring to preschool, I’m really looking forward to spending more quality time alone with Michael!


The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur – a few days after my last post, my husband and I took a trip to Texas – our first trip alone without any children… ever!!! The kids spent a long weekend at my sister’s house and they had a blast! I was so worried about how Michael would do, and it turns out that he didn’t even miss me (but he did refuse to go near my sister this past weekend, when we got together again! ha!).


We flew back home to near winter-like conditions… the weather this spring has been so very odd. It would be warm and sunny one day, then rainy and almost downright frigid the next. It’s been so hard to plan what to do with the two younger littles… I had hoped to get them out to the splashpad, but up until the today, the weather just really hadn’t been good for it.

little bouquet

We have been taking plenty of walks to our little local park… it’s the perfect size for both Michael and Abby.  Abby loves hanging on the monkey bars, while Michael runs up the ramp and over the bouncy bridge, but I think his favorite thing to do is collect flowers though… I’ve probably been given hundreds of dandelions and a handful of other weeds flowers in the past 2 weeks!


I’m hoping that today’s weather lasts a little while longer, and though this weekends forecast doesn’t look that great right now, I’m crossing my fingers that the weather people are wrong!

Even though it’s summer, the kids will be home, and I’m working on a few projects (both in the house and for the shop), I’m going to try to pop in here at least once a week. Until then, thanks for being here!!

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