Household Failures

My Monday Musings

Just a quick post before the day starts (I’m actually writing this Sunday night, but shhhhh don’t tell!). I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping, but I still have a lot to do before Thursday.

I still haven’t sent out my Christmas cards – I made up some photo cards on Friday, but have to have them printed and sent out today… talk about last minute!! I know that for the German family they will be more like New Years cards, but its the thought that counts right?

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Vacation ponderings

We are on vacation and I sit here on the couch with the laptop while my husband is sleeping next to me and my son naps upstairs. I’m expecting Noah to wake up any minute now only to fall asleep again as soon as I hold him. Ray on the other hand… the poor guy

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Tell it Tuesday

It’s the late edition! I’m posting while my husband is watching the All Star game – go AL!!Too bad the White Sox only have one player playing in it. So you know how I posted that the enzyme solution did the trick? Yeah… I was wrong. One pair of jeans lost the fish stench in

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Weekend blahs

This weekend was just like any other weekend… we didn’t know what to do. We kept asking each other over and over again what the other wanted to do and someone (*cough* Ray *cough*) kept looking a laptops online… did I mention that we bought a super cheap laptop last week at Best Buy? I

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