Tell it Tuesday

Tell it Tuesday – Gone Fishing

Not really… we’re on vacation this week and are busy going to fairs, the zoo, amusement parks and just keeping Noah busy. I’ll be back next week =)

Tell it Tuesday

Here we are again and I am glad to say that I have some news…

Tell it Tuesday – Summertime

Another week has past and it’s Tuesday again… for a little while longer at least. We’ve been keeping busy here in our neck of the ‘burbs… there are pools to swim in, play dates to go to, people to visit and projects to be made on rainy days (which there haven’t been too many of lately!).

Tell it Tuesday – Lost No More

I’m writing awfully late today because I just finished watching the last episode of LOST… I don’t know if you watched it or even follow LOST, so I won’t write too much about it as I 1) don’t want to ruin it for anyone who’s behind and 2) don’t want to bore you if you don’t watch it.

Tell it Tuesday – Soooo Tired

I’m sitting here with Abby on my lap watching/listening to the Blackhawks play the Canucks and I hope that this is the last game of this series. I can’t take the stress!! ha! Go Hawks!

Tell it Tuesday –

This will be a quick post today. I wanted to let you all know about It’s the blog-child of two bloggers I love – Elizabeth from Confessions From A Working Mom and Tamara from The (Un)Experienced Mom – and I am proud to say that…

Tell it Tuesday – It’s March!

# For some reason this past week has felt like it was busy, but boring at the same time. I had my 34/35 week ob appt last Tuesday. Like I wrote before, everything is still moving along smoothly and we’ll start doing the internal exams next week at my 36 week appointment.

Tell it Tuesday – Milestones

So this weekend was a big weekend in our house. Noah now has a big boy bed to sleep in. How’s the transition been going? Well bedtime is going well… he climbs right into bed and sits there while we read. He then lays down when it’s time to say our prayers…

Tell it Tuesday – Getting Better

# Another week has passed and YAY!!! I’m up to posting (and sitting upright) again! Thank you everyone for the get well wishes!!!
# Ray was the biggest sweetheart yesterday and stayed home to take care of Noah (who btw is doing much better, though he’s still a bit congested).

Tell it Tuesday – Sick kid

Wow – this week I start classes again! Has it really been 5 weeks? I’m both excited and nervous about this semester… okay more nervous than anything else. I have a lot to get done before the baby gets here and I hope that I can do it.