Somebody had a birthday…

The past two weeks have just flown by. I tried sitting down to write a few times, but the words would either fail me or come out frustrated and upset… neither of which I could (our would want to) publish. So instead of worrying about my lack of blogging creativity, I sewed, crocheted, cleaned, organized […]

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Toddler fashion

Abby is a very independent little girl. She has wanted to do anything and everything on her own as soon as she was able to {and sometimes even when she wasn’t quite able to yet}. It’s no surprise then that she wants to pick out her own outfits and dress herself most days. This particular day I was allowed to layout a top for her, but she did the rest…

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Friday Flashback – Dear Abby

It’s Friday again… why does it seem like the weeks just fly by? The kids and I have a few things planned for this morning before daddy comes home… but it’s all top secret!! 😉 It’s going to get hot today and I have a feeling that the slip and slide and water toys will be coming out today once all of our errands are taken care of.

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One dry, one to go!

Our diaper/pull-up days are numbered here in our house! While Noah has been dry during the day for the past year, he has still been wearing {and needing pull-ups} at night. Over the past few months, the number of dry nights have been increasing, but there were still many, many, many nights that weren’t {not to mention that we had our fair share of nights that ended up with wet sheets}.

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Abby is two!

Abby turned two earlier this week… I can’t believe how fast time flies. It feels like not so long ago I was holding this little girl in my arms for the first time…

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Just resting

Abby has a new favorite resting spot… one that I have caught her in a few times. The other day Ray was home to see her in her new spot and was able to get a few photos of her…

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Ice teef

Someone in our house is teething. She has been for a while… in fact I felt two of her little molars while we were away on vacation. Those little buggers have slowly been pushing their way up and Abby could almost always be seen with either one or both fists crammed into her mouth. It’s been over three weeks and they still haven’t broken through the skin though, so there have been a lot of fist in mouth days for her!

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Abigail at 14 months

Want to hear something crazy? When asked how old Abby is, I actually have to stop and think about it (and I may have told some people the wrong age a time or two). Little miss Abigail is 14 1/2 months old today and the time is just flying by.

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Happy Birthday Abigail!

Dear little Abby,

One year ago you let us know that you were a strong willed little girl… you were so determined to come out and meet us even though you were supposed to wait until April 2nd (give or take ). You were a tiny little peanut… not the big baby we were expecting and your “drive thru” delivery had the whole maternity ward talking about you.

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Abby is 9 months old!

How can it be that my baby girl is 9 months old already? When did this happen and who gave her permission to grow up so quickly?!! It’s been a crazy few days here this past week… we finally got some snow!! Yay!! I swear I was off by a day or two all week last week… I would have bet money one day last week that it was only Tuesday, when in fact it was already Thursday!!! Seriously how do I lose track of two days like that? So imagine my surprise when on Sunday I happened to notice the 9 month sticker on Abby’s baby calendar staring at me. How had it become the 5th of December already?

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