Welcome to 2013

It’s 2013! According to some, it’s the year that wasn’t supposed to happen… yeah, I didn’t really fall for that either. Ray and I celebrated New Year’s eve here at home… both of us sick with whatever cold is going around right now… fun! Thankfully {if there ever really is a thankfully to having a cold}, our family wasn’t hit with this bug until after Christmas was over. Unfortunately though, it’s now making it’s way through everyone in the house and so far Noah is the only one who hasn’t really gotten it.


My heart hurts and there are no words that can truly express how I am feeling right now… all I know is that I will be hugging my children tighter and longer all day today.

Hello December

It’s December… eleven months have passed through 2012, each day a little different from the day before it, yet all still somehow the same. It seems that the days pass by a little more quickly the older I get… I turned 35 this year… 35… *sigh*


Obviously sitting down to pre-write posts isn’t working out so well. This past week has been filled with such a mix of things. Last Thursday I took the kids to the pediatrician for flu shots, a check up {Noah’s 4 year… I’m only 3 months behind} and the latest set of vaccinations. Needless to say, it was inevitable that at least 1 of my children would have a reaction to the shots… and it was Noah. The poor kid’s temp started rising Thursday evening and he didn’t break it until sometime on Sunday.

Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2012

Today (November 10th)  is the 3rd annual Neighborhood Toy Store Day. If you’re like me, then your children probably have a list a mile long filled with toys and games that they just have to have. With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s no better time than now to go out and get some of your …

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Election Day 2012

It’s election day… I’m so happy that it’s finally here, 1) because it means I will be casting my vote for the candidate who will hopefully be the president of our country, and 2) all of the political ads will finally be ending… until next election season at least. Noah and Abby are eager for …

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Changing things

It’s the beginning of November and I can’t believe just how quickly this year is flying by… it feels like I blinked and missed a whole month… or two… or three! To say that I have been keeping myself busy, is an understatement.

Happy Halloween 2012!!

The big day that Noah and Abby have been waiting all month for has finally arrived… it’s Halloween!! The costumes were picked out last week and the kids had been counting down the days since then. Both were told that they had to take a nap yesterday… or there would be no trick or treating… …

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The end of an era?

Nap time… it was the time when I had at least an hour and a half to myself… to get done what needed to be done here at home without interruptions from the kids. Notice the “was”? It seems that one little 4 year old has decided that, although he is sleepy and starts to …

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Pumpkin Picking

One of the perks of being in the older preschool class, is that Noah now gets to go on field trips…. and {thanks to my mom, who watched Abby} I was able to go with Noah on his first one!! All of the kids were so excited to be riding on a school bus… Noah …

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