Moving forward

It’s been an odd couple of days. I’m better today than I was on Thursday… or Friday for that matter. I still have my moments though. I keep looking at the spots where she would normally lay and half expect her to be there. Even now I want to put my foot out and rub […]

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Mind Fog

I’m walking around in a daze, and nooo not because SITSmas took it out of me (though I had a blast!!) It’s because of my furry baby – Sammie (aka The Barker). She hasn’t been doing too well and had been eating less – not much less, but less. I thought it was the stress

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I almost had an attack yesterday as we passed the gas station. $1.89 for regular!! I don’t know if gas was even this low almost 5 years ago when I moved back to the States. I know that it was well over $4.00 less than 6 months ago. Now, you can’t tell me that there

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I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a full nights sleep. The one time I was able to a few weeks ago (has it been eight weeks already??), I was only able to because I was 6 hours away from the little Muncher, spending the night at my aunts in a room, on an

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I’m not going to start discussing politics, I feel everyone has a right to their opinion and beliefs and don’t feel anyone should hear me rant about it. I do want to say that I will be happy when its finally next week Wednesday (and I’m hoping that the one I’ll be voting for will

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Online Endeavors

Kim’s Creation…… coming soon to your home!! I am jumping into the online retail scene. My MIL has been selling clothing for years and more and more of her customers have been asking her if she sells online. Since she doesn’t even own a computer, the answer has always been no. That’s where I come

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Oh the jealousy…..

Oh the doggy drama. Try as we might not to, somehow we still managed to neglect the furry kids when Muncher was born. Not physically mind you, and not intentionally. We did our best to play with them and keep their regular schedules, but it didn’t help. The kids got jealous of the little guy.

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So much to try…..

Hello my name is Michaela and I am a dabbler. If you were to ask me how long I’ve been this way…. well, I don’t think that I could give you an answer to that. Sewing, Cross-Stitching, Crafting, Knitting, Computers… you name it I’ve probably tried it at least once or twice. I’ll start a

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And the Scale Says…..

No change. Yeah the Muncher wasn’t happy either!! I have to admit I was expecting that. I strayed from the allotted number of points given to me a few times last week… and that’s including the extra 35. I started out good… but it went down hill from there. First it was the apple croissants

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