Craft Time – Weeks 6-12

I’ve been so bad about updating the craft projects I’ve been working on over the past few weeks… well if I’m being honest, I haven’t been so great at completing 1 project a week either… so I’m a little behind. *sigh* I guess I need to step it up a little if I really do want to complete 52 projects in 52 weeks.

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Easter Egg Garland {Tutorial}

Now that all of the winter holidays are over and it is officially Springtime ( YAY!! Though you would never know it by looking or going outside today), I thought it would be a good idea to get some cheerful decorations in the house. I’ve seen Valentine and St Patrick’s Day garlands out in blogland and was inspired by them to make the pattern for my Easter Egg Garland!!

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Snow scooting

Now that most of the snow has been melting and there are only a few inches left of what once used to be 3 foot high drifts next to the house, I thought I would remember the blizzard of 2011 with a little video of Noah scooting down one of the snow “mountains” by the house… by the way… those snow mountains still exist and will probably still be here in April since they were well over 6 feet high!

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Craft Time – Week 5

So far I’ve been doing well with many of the things that I set out to get done and change this year. I have (mostly) been keeping up with my plan to DDC (decrapify, declutter and clean). I have been doing well in my quest to lose 15 pounds in 15 weeks (more on that later) and I am 4 out of 5 in my goal to do at least 1 craft a week.

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Rosette mirrors

Remember how I made the fabric rosettes for week 3 of my weekly craft? Well… a few days later, some of those rosettes, a tube of E6000 and 2 painted Ikea mirrors got a little better acquainted. 😉

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Craft Time – Week 4

Another week has passed and another craft has been completed. I was inspired to make this weeks craft after seeing this tutorial linked on Ucreate. I just happened to have everything I needed to make them at home already, so I was ready to go.

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Craft time – week 3

I’ve been admiring the fabric rosettes that can be found on any number of craft/home blogs these past few months and finally took the time to make some myself. I have a few items in the house that could use that finishing touch, and I think that a few of these will do it. They’re pretty quick to make, which is nice because I can make 1 or 2 quickly while the kids are eating. =)

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