Mama’s little helper

I decided to tackle the clothes in my closet and dresser last week. I have fallen behind in my cleaning schedule over the past few weeks, thanks in part to both kids getting sick and then Abby’s birthday. Since all of that is behind us now, I decided to take back my house and start reorganizing again.

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Clean House = Easy Living?!!

Who knew that it could be so easy to keep a clean (well, cleanish) house? Seriously, my home has never looked as good as it has the past week or so. That’s not to say that it doesn’t still have it’s problem areas or that everything is spick and span, because it still does… and it’s not. But it is far less cluttered and messy than it was just a few weeks ago… and I’m loving it!

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Looking back at 2010

2010 came and left with a bang… well only if you count the fireworks that were going off outside while ringing in the new year… Ray and I were actually sitting peacefully inside (with Abby sleeping in my arms) watching “Heaven Can Wait” on NetFlix. We were sitting there comfortably after having stuffed our faces with a home cooked dinner featuring fresh lobster tails… soooo tasty!! Thankfully Ray had an alert set up on his phone and it warned us when it got close to midnight… I’m sure we would have missed it otherwise! It was a nice cozy and relaxed New Years… the way that it has been almost every year that we’ve been together.

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Tell It Tuesday – May 18th

Here we are again and I am happy to say that I have 3 exams behind me and have one left to take on Thursday. While I don’t have the result yet of the exam I took last night, I am proud to say that so far I’m getting an A in the class… I sure hope to keep the streak going! Hopefully I’ll know by early to midweek next week.

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New Years Resolution- Crafts

I tend to get a severe case of craft procrastination (not that I ever, ever procrastinate about anything else! ha!). I will start a project and then for one reason or another will not finish it. Either I don’t have all of the materials needed, something goes wrong with it or I just get bored… it doesn’t really matter because the fate of the project is usually the same as the others… it gets shoved off somewhere to be “finished later”.

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How do you socialize?

Twitter… Facebook… NetworkedBlogs… MomBloggers Club… MomSpark… Twittermoms…   BlogFrog… there are so many ways out there in the interwebs that allow us to be social beyond just our blogs. It is said that social networking is a key factor to getting your name out there and getting known by people beyond your “inner circle”… but how

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Oh I wish…

I sometimes wish that I was able to organize my “real life” surroundings as neatly as I am able to organize my computer desktop… and by that I do not mean that desk that my computer sits on… no, I mean the computer itself. It is so nice and uncluttered… everything has its place in

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Fill in the blank, I’m…..

1) a WINNER!!! No we did not win the Mega Millions last night… at least I don’t think we did… I mean hubby did go to work today…um, or did he???… Wait! Back to winning! I won my first bloggy giveaway!!! I never win anything, so I totally forgot all about it and then yesterday

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