Happy Leap Day!

It seems that on Leap Day the kids only have to nap for 30 minutes… sigh. They both fell asleep in the van, while running some errands, and of course both woke up as soon as I brought them inside. Any attempts to get them to go back to sleep have failed… so it’s just one of those days.

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It’s February!

Holy cow where did January go to so quickly? Can you believe we are already into the second month of 2012? Crazy isn’t it? Oh and it’s Friday too… will the craziness ever end? 😉

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Pre-dinner Entertainment

Winter has finally arrived in the Midwest… well, it’s at least here for the weekend. =) We had a pretty busy day today and weren’t really able to go outside and enjoy the snow, but that doesn’t mean that the kids didn’t get the chance to play with it!

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Noah the photographer

Before I write anything else, I want to say thank you for all of the kind comments on the previous two posts. Those first two days were very hard… very hard. It’s getting easier though and I can even say that yesterday and today {so far} have been good days. I think it may have helped that Ray stayed home yesterday… it helped keep my mind off of “things” and that is exactly what I need right now. Today has been good because it is almost 50 degrees here {!!!} so the kids and I were able to spend a glorious hour outside this morning enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

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Yellow Belt Boy

So I promised some more photos and here’s your post!! =)

This past Saturday was testing day at Noah’s Taekwondo school. Since he has only been going there for 3 weeks, we were told that he wouldn’t be able to test this time. We were okay with that and Noah even said that he would like to go and cheer on the other kids. Then late last week, his Grandmaster gave him his testing pre-qualification form!

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Almost turkey day

Here we are, the night before turkey day 2011. Ray has the week off and the kids and I are enjoying being able spend a lot of time with him! To be quite honest, I’m also enjoying the extra pair of hands at home since he was gone for four days last week and the littlest Krause to be seems to be draining me of most of my energy right now!

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A Noah video

Noah has a few taekwondo classes under his belt now. So far, he’s been there 3 times and loves it. He looks so adorable in his little uniform (yes I am biased). It’s soooo big on him… I rolled the sleeves, pant legs, waist and pulled the shirt up with the belt in order to make it fit… it’s a hack job but it works!!! =)

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Future black belt?

So this little man had his first Taekwondo class this week!!! I took him to a trial lesson to see how he would like it, and he LOVED it!! I figured he would, since he loves playing karate with his daddy. He was the youngest in his class , but he did so well and even broke his first board!!! =)

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