This and That

A rebirth of sorts

Over the past year, I’ve sat here in front of my laptop so many times, just as I do now, with the intention to write… something, anything… but the words failed me over and over again. Rather than do nothing, I’d tinker with the site – making a few changes here and there… adding and removing […]

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Taste of Summer

Summer vacation is nearly here for all of the littles in the house. Abby had her last day of preschool 2 weeks ago. I must admit that it was a little bittersweet. I’ve had at least one little in going to that school for the past four years… and now there will be a 2 year gap – and only one of the teachers that my kids had will be there when we return. While it will be odd not having anyone to bring to preschool, I’m really looking forward to spending more quality time alone with Michael!

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Cha Cha Cha Changes!

I’m so happy to announce the addition of the Noby Designs shop to this site!

I’ve wanted to have an independent place to sell totes (and more), but have been afraid to make the move because it was such a big move to make!

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Right now

  Right now: * I’m fighting something… again… which means that echinacea tea and essential oils are my best friends until it’s gone. * my toddler has a nose that refuses to stop running thanks to teething and the same head cold that I’m fighting. * moving somewhere warmer would be a dream come true.

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Hello Fall

Good morning! It’s so very peacefully quiet in the house right now. It’s 6:30 in the morning… my husband has already left for the day and the kids are still sleeping… most of them in their own beds, one of them in ours.

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On Openness and Honesty

The thing about being an introvert, is that it is so very hard to really put yourself out there for everyone to see. Even when “hiding” behind a computer screen and typing the words out on the keyboard, it’s tough to step over that imaginary line drawn on the ground, hit publish, and just bare it all for the world to see without censoring yourself in some way.

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