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Welcome to 2013

It’s 2013! According to some, it’s the year that wasn’t supposed to happen… yeah, I didn’t really fall for that either. Ray and I celebrated New Year’s eve here at home… both of us sick with whatever cold is going around right now… fun! Thankfully {if there ever really is a thankfully to having a cold}, our family wasn’t hit with this bug until after Christmas was over. Unfortunately though, it’s now making it’s way through everyone in the house and so far Noah is the only one who hasn’t really gotten it.

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Hello December

It’s December… eleven months have passed through 2012, each day a little different from the day before it, yet all still somehow the same. It seems that the days pass by a little more quickly the older I get… I turned 35 this year… 35… *sigh*

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Early Morning Bliss

It’s just past 7am on this beautiful Wednesday morning. Ray has just left for work and I am enjoying the peace and quiet in the house while the children are still asleep. Somehow, our two rugrats find their way into our bed each and every single night, and it’s not always easy for me to slip out unnoticed. I love my children, but I cherish these quiet moments of solitude.

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Catching up

It’s that time of year again… vacation time to be more exact. We took a little trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula over the week of the 4th and we loved it!!! Our trip up there could not have come at a better time too… it was over 100 degrees at home while we were gone and only in the 80’s in the UP!!!

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Hello June!!

Last week passed by far too quickly! Ray took an extra two days off after Memorial Day, so we were able to have a fun and busy little staycation. The weather over the holiday weekend was great {with the exception of some storms and a little hail Saturday morning}. It wasn’t all fun and barbecues though…

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He’s having an affair

There’s a new woman in my husband’s life and his love for her is quite obvious. They’ve only known each other for a few days, and yet he’s already buying gifts for her… and you know what, I’m okay with it. In fact, I encouraged him to get together with her… I don’t think he would have even made the move to go meet her had I not given him my blessing. Have I gone bonkers? No, not really… because this is his new love….

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Never stop reading

I have always loved to read. I remember when I was younger… much, much younger… and still living in Ohio, we would go to the library next to my aunt and uncles house and I would leave with a stack of books. I devoured them and could never get enough. The years moved on and my love for reading never went away… thankfully. {the German version} and I were thisclose while I was in Germany.

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