An Open Letter

I have been neglecting this little space of the web lately. It’s been so nice outside, so the kids and I have been spending quite a bit of time out playing and enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather. I do plan on getting things back on track though this week. To start out the week though, I thought I would write an open letter to our neighbor (WARNING: It’s a bit of a rant).

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F-ing Cancer

Cancer frigging sucks… we have had more than our fair share here in my family. My Opa (my mom’s dad) had lung and stomach cancer, his sister – my great aunt – passed away after battling colon cancer for years… an aunt of mine had breast cancer… and now I find out that the prostate cancer that my uncle has is spreading fast (faster than his doctor his seen before) and it’s not responding to treatment.

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Call me Rudolph

So… as I mentioned earlier this week, Noah has been sick since the beginning of the week. At first we thought that he was cutting teeth, seeing that his two top I teeth and a molar were on the verge of popping through.

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Tell it Tuesday – It’s all random!

So this is not only the first tell it Tuesday in a long time, but also the first in 2010. I just hooked up the webcam I got for Christmas and am in the middle of setting it up. One of my blogging goals is to start vlogging… I guess that means that I may be drying my hair more often now instead of just pulling it back into my “mama-bun” (and I’ll probably be sporting a little make-up too – not something I do everyday)!

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A cyber kind of Monday

I’m having my own version of Cyber-Monday today, but not in the shopping kind of way. I just spent the past three hours while Noah napped (Yes 3 hours!!! It was bliss, since he usually only naps 1 -2 hours) working on homework to turn in online to one of my teachers. I have 4

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Vacation ponderings

We are on vacation and I sit here on the couch with the laptop while my husband is sleeping next to me and my son naps upstairs. I’m expecting Noah to wake up any minute now only to fall asleep again as soon as I hold him. Ray on the other hand… the poor guy

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